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Fish Fingers & 5 Serving Ideas

Fish fingers in Britain have been an amazing success since their launch in 1955, more than 60 years later those little frozen blocks of fish are just as popular.

Invented in the Birds Eye factory in Great Yarmouth, Clarence Birdseye (or Captain is I refer to him) was a US born scientist who pioneered frozen food in the 1930’s with his quick freeze method. In the first year 600 tonnes of fish fingers were consumed which has now grown to 1.5 million a day.

We simply love them, from kids to the ‘on trend’ bars and we see them on menus across the country. Ten years ago we would have been reluctant to have them on the menu but now we have fully embraced that ‘old school’ label to promote our dishes. 

I guess its one of those things that remind us all of our childhood, getting home from school and having fish fingers, crinkle cut chips and beans, and that resounding cheers of joy when mum announces what’s for dinner, still makes me smile now.

So, what can we do to keep fish fingers interesting to reinvent them, to bring our little frozen blocks to the next level, a few ideas below and also an idea from an old friend of mine who’s mum used to make us a ‘fish finger’ pie for dinner, Janice you are a genius. 

The Ultimate fish finger sandwich– Fresh sour dough, good butter, tartar sauce and pea salsa.

Taco– Crispy fish finger, street slaw, guacamole & salsa 

Fish finger wrap– Spinach, burger cheese & ketchup 

Breakfast– The ultimate breakfast combination with your full English, just remember smoked haddock has been a breakfast classic for centuries 

Janice’s Pie – Fish finger, mash & baked beans topped with cheese.

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